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nine inch nails

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nine inch nails

Nine Inch Nails has been pumping out some of the most original music available for almost 20 years. Mastermind Trent Reznor is an accomplished mixer, musician, writer and artist. Bow down to him!

89 Halo 01-Down In It
89 Halo 02-Pretty Hate Machine
90 Halo 03-Head Like a Hole
90 Halo 04-Sin
92 Halo 05-Broken
92 Halo 06-Fixed
94 Halo 07-March of the Pigs
94 Halo 08-The Downward Spiral
94 Halo 09-Closer to God
95 Halo 10-Further Down the Spiral
97 Halo 11-The Perfect Drug
97 Halo 12-Closure
99 Halo 13-The Day the World Went Away
99 Halo 14-The Fragile
99 Halo 15-We're in this Together
00 Halo 16-Things Falling Apart
02 Halo 17-And All That Could've Been
05 Halo 18-The Hand That Feeds
05 Halo 19-With Teeth
*generally, i only include complete albums in discographies, but nin is a bit of a different case. they put out singles, remixes, 5 song albums, i have simply included the entire body of work here. for more info, go to the official nin website:

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